Give your family Peace of Mind this Christmas

As Christmas draws near, as parents, our thoughts naturally turn to our families, the presents we need to buy and the time we are going to spend together. We very seldom give a thought to what Christmas may be like if the worst should happen and our families were left to cope on their own.

Figures released by the Association of British Insurers reveal that in 2016 £4.6 billion was paid to 138,000 customers or families claiming on protection insurance policies, which works out at an average of £12.5 million per day.

A research poll of 1000 parents conducted by one of the UK’s leading insurance companies found that almost half did not have any life insurance cover in place. Interestingly 80% of those questioned believed that planning for the future was important - so why do they not take action?

3 main reasons were given for the lack of action

  • 51% thought that life assurance would be too expensive
  • 20% of under 35’s thought they were too young
  • 14% thought taking out life assurance would be too complicated

At Bennison Brown we deal with a panel of the leading life insurance companies so we can tailor cover to suit your needs and budget. Cover can often be cheaper than you think and it will certainly get more expensive if you leave it until you are older. We will explain all of your options to you and will make the process simple and straightforward.

Christmas is a time of giving so give your families peace of mind this Christmas by making sure that you have adequate protection in place.

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