Bennison Brown | Sponsorships

Bennison Brown are the proud sponsors of Kekoa and Exonians FC for their upcoming 2022/23 seasons

We are offering an exclusive discount for all Exonians players, the parents and guardians of Kekoa children, plus their friends/family/colleagues.

You will receive a £280 discount for the first mortgage Bennison Brown arrange, meaning you only pay a £300 broker fee.

The usual cost is £580. A £100 application fee (upon application submission) and £480 broker fee (payable once we have secured you a formal mortgage offer)

We have always wanted to support our local community as much as we can. We are very proud to sponsor Kekoa and Exonians FC for their upcoming seasons and wish them the best of luck!

Find out more about Kekoa and Exonians FC

Kekoa Coaching is located on the Isle of Dogs, a short walk from our London office. Kekoa works with children across every age group, offering 1-1 football coaching and group football coaching.

'Kekoa (pronounced Ke-Koa) means “The Brave, The Courageous, The Fearless” which embodies our coaching and football mentality.'

Exonians FC is a grassroots FA-affiliated football club based in Central London. They were founded in 2019 by a group of friends as at the time there were no open-age 11-a-side men’s teams on the the Isle of Dogs. We have been sponsoring Exonians FC since early 2021.

'We play the game with pride, passion and a fair bit of skill – if we do say so ourselves. ‘Football is life’ but it’s also for Sundays too.'